Anyone who ever has the chance to design

something really should do it!


Everyone’s professional life contains some very special key moments in; for Martin Pelz, it was the opening of the legendary Hotel Adlon in Berlin, while for Torsten Jahn it was the opening of the first, completely new Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Germany, the Ritz-Carlton Wolfsburg. The memory of several months of nerve-wracking, sleepless and seemingly non-stop work around the clock in order to accompany the birth of a signature place was their motivation to repeat the thrill of performing such tasks regularly.  Now, after more than 15 years, they can both look back happily and proudly on individual successful projects. Now, with all their many years of experience, they yearn for new and stimulating challenges. Thanks to our partners’ quest for perfection, it never gets boring!

Purchasing Services GmbH is an international consulting company that mainly advises hotel companies and restaurateurs in the field of purchasing.  The range of services offered focuses on the initial equipping of hotels in the OS&E budget sector and the optimization of purchasing in the operating area.